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Production suffering because you're still running obsolete double-density diskettes from machine to machine? Frustrated by clumsy switchbox networking products? Now there's a version of the Delta Industrial Sewing Network just for you: DeltaSQL Starter Pack.

Delta Industrial Sewing Network runs some of the largest embroidery and monogram production floors in the US. The same reliability, scalability and flexibility that high-volume embroidery houses have come to depend on is now available to you.

What DeltaSQL Starter Pack Can Do For You

  • Store hundreds of thousands of embroidery designs
  • Download any design to any machine at any time without the technical limitations of switchbox and other types of networks
  • Use Embroidery Manager to import designs in popular formats
  • Use Embroidery Manager to manage your design library from any computer on the network
  • Use DeltaPC to load any stored design to a machine
  • Use DeltaPC to preview any stored design before loading to a machine
  • Use DeltaPC to assign needle numbers in design before loading to a machine
  • Download to a wide range of supported machine models. See for complete model listing.

DeltaSQL Starter Pack Grows With Your Business

  • Start off with up to 5 machines included in initial purchase
  • Grow the system to hundreds of machines as needed
  • Easily add machines for the cost of software licensing and cables
  • Grow into optional features: production tracking, reporting, automated lettering/monogramming, engraving

What's Included

  • Delta Network Server software
  • 5 Machine Connection Licenses
  • Embroidery Manager software
  • DeltaPC software
  • Machine Cables
  • Free Microsoft SQL 2005 Express Edition

You supply the computers and network on which to run DeltaSQL software.


DeltaPC Running 4 Machines
Shown on Touch screen Tablet PC
(Tablet PC Not Included)

Embroidery Manager (Below)

Access & manage your design library
from any PC on your network


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DeltaPC Machine Object Shows Design & Machine Status

Each machine connected to DeltaPC is represented by its own machine object that shows everything you need to know in one fast glance. The green background behind machine ID 1 shown here says that the machine is communicating properly with Delta Network Server. Design 153 has been downloaded to the DeltaPC computer and is ready to be sent to the machine. The design graphic preview assures the operator that the correct design has been downloaded.

DeltaPC Machine Object
Shows machine ID, design number
and preview all in a fast glance

Assign Needles with DeltaPC Needle Sequence Editor

DeltaPC makes simple work of many routine embroidery chores, for example, assigning needles. Using the Needle Sequence Editor, assigning needles is a simple point and click job on any type of machine that supports a compatible stitch language.

DeltaPC Needle Sequence Editor
One simple interface to assign needles regardless of machine type.
(Machine must support a compatible stitch language)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I run all DeltaSQL programs including DeltaPC on a single computer?

What are the requirements for the computer(s) that runs Delta?
Operating systems: Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or later; Windows Server 2003 SP1 or later. Hardware: Pentium IV 1.8 GHz or better, 1GB memory.

What are the networking requirements for running Delta?
Delta runs on Windows TCP/IP networking. If you are running all Delta programs from the same computer and all your machines connect to the one computer, no additional network cabling is required. If you are running Delta Server programs on a separate computer from DeltaPC, standard Ethernet networking is required to connect the computers together on a local area network. Standard Wi-Fi wireless networking (802.11x) may also be used in place of Ethernet cabling.

What support is available for installing DeltaSQL Starter Pack?
DeltaSQL Starter Pack comes with installation and training videos and written documentation. Telephone support is also available. Basic support to configure networking is available, but you may need to hire local assistance to install a simple network if you don't already have one.

What support is available for DeltaSQL Starter Pack after it has been installed?
Ongoing support after the installation is available Monday through Friday, 9_4 Central Time with a best effort response time by the end of the next business day.

If I outgrow SQL Server 2005 Express Edition, can I upgrade to the Workgroup or Standard edition?
Yes. SQL Server 2005 allows for a smooth transition to whatever edition is appropriate for your business.

How many machines can a single DeltaPC computer connect to Delta?
DeltaPC can connect up to 6 machines per DeltaPC computer. Computer must have one serial port per machine. Additional serial port(s) required to use bar code scanner(s). Serial ports are easily added using USB-to-serial port adapters.

What embroidery file formats will Delta import?

I have machines from different manufacturers in my shop. Will they all connect to Delta?
Mixed machine environments are no problem for Delta. Be sure to give your sales representative the make and model numbers of your machines to verify compatibility.

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