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Kiosk Embroidery Solutions

for personalization and embroidery businesses.

Our server based solution the merges a centralized corporate order entry system with satellite locations across the country or world. You control the work flow and the sewing decisions. No need for lettering systems connected to machines. Machine operators just scan a simple bar code to activate a template of sewing rules. Then simply enter in the text and send the job directly to the embroidery machine. An easy and fast operation with no need to rely on the operators ability to create professional looking lettering.

You have access to reports that show production statistics, you control the look of the sewn personalization eliminating the need to train employees on cumbersome lettering software. You also have a birds eye view of what is being sewn and when. Customizable to your specific needs.

All that is requires is a WAN or internet connection from the corporate location to each kiosk location.

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