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Alpha Disk Reader

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Simple, intuitive, and easy to use, the Alpha Disk Reader represents a major advance in embroidery disk reader technology. Truly designed with the operator in mind, the Alpha Disk Reader reduces common operator mistakes, improves efficiency, and cuts material waste.

Use the Alpha reader on older Barudan Machines and Tajima machines without disk drives. Reads Standard .dst files and automatically converts to your machines format.

Beta Disk Unit

What you can do with an Alpha Disk Reader

  • Read any of these pattern disks without complicated machine setup: FDR, FMC I or II, Tajima DST and DSB, Melco MS-DOS Expanded, Melco MS-DOS Chenille, ZSK, and Happy
  • Read a Melco MS-DOS chenille disk and successfully translate output for a Barudan chenille machine
  • Read double-density and high-density DOS format disks
  • Replace your BMC, FMC, TMC, FDR or virtually any other disk or tape reader with affordable state-of-the-art technology
  • Use common DOS high-density diskettes

Standard features

  • Auto disk type sensing. When reading a pattern from disk, the Alpha Disk Reader automatically senses the type of pattern disk inserted. No more complicated machine setup just to load a pattern!
  • Ease of use. Simply select the desired pattern by number and press the load button.
  • Consistent output. The Alpha Disk Reader always outputs patterns in Barudan stitch format. Need Tajima output? Order the Tajima option.
  • Legacy machine support. In its pattern repeat mode, the Alpha Disk Reader is especially friendly to older machines such as BEAT and BEAU series equipment. In this mode, you can re-send a pattern to the machine repeatedly without having to touch the Alpha. Stitches longer than 6 mm are converted to auto-jumps to ensure machines don’t move off pattern.
  • Chenille support. The Alpha Disk Reader automatically translates Melco chenille patterns to Barudan chenille format.
  • Industry standard connectors. No expensive proprietary cables to buy! The Alpha Disk Reader has standard multi-head and monogram machine output connectors. With the Tajima option, the Alpha Disk Reader is equipped with a standard Tajima connector.

Alpha Disk Reader options

Tajima machine support

Alpha Disk Readers with the Tajima support option connect directly to all models of Tajima embroidery machines via a standard Tajima connector. All disk formats listed above are read, translated to, and output in Tajima stitch code.

Alpha Model 232 (Alpha232)

The Alpha232 comprises a serial port module that replaces the rear panel of the standard Alpha Disk Reader. With the Alpha232 connected to your machine's serial port you can download at faster serial port speeds. Using the worldwide standard RS232 DCE protocol, the Alpha232 connects to any embroidery machine that has a standard serial port. It supports four popular baud rates (1200, 2400, 4800, 9600 baud) and supports connections with or without handshaking. The Alpha232 has the same serial port connector wiring as a modem, which means that you can use off-the-shelf computer serial/modem cables.


Disk Types Supported: 3.5-in. double-density & high-density
Read Formats Supported: FDR, FMC I or II, Tajima DST and DSB, Melco MS-DOS Expanded, Melco MS-DOS Chenille, ZSK, Happy
Pattern Output Rate
Standard Unit:
6,000 stitches per minute maximum (Actual rate governed by equipment connected to Alpha Disk Reader)
Pattern Output Rate, Alpha232: Determined by baud rate
Alpha232 Baud Rates: 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600
Rear Panel Connectors  
Standard Unit, Multi-Head Output: (1) Honda 20-pin male
Standard Unit, Monogram Output: (1) Hirose 20-pin female
Tajima Option, Output: (1) 36-pin Centronics female
Alpha232, Output: (1) DB-25 male
Dimensions (in. (mm))  
Height: 2.8 (72)
Width: 6.4 (162)
Depth: 9.8 (249)
Weight (lb. (kg)): 3 (1.4)
Power Requirements: 12 Vdc, 800 mA
Domestic Power Adapter  
Type: Wall-mounted
Input: 100-120 Vac @ 0.2A
Output: 12 Vdc @ 1A
Output Cable: 6-ft., 2x18 AWG
Output Connection to Unit: 3.5mm male plug, tip positive
Operating Environment  
Temperature Range (F (C)): 32° (0°)-104° (40°)
Relative Humidity: 10%-90%, non-condensing
Regulatory Approval: UL 1310, CSA 22.2